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Honest Candor

Senator Vandenberg called for “honest candor” in discussions on U.S. foreign policy. The Vandenberg Coalition is proud to continue this tradition by sharing the best analysis from across the country and around the world.


Playing for Keeps: China Has Made the Free Market a Fool’s Market

Keith Krach and David Stilwell

National Interest

October 16, 2021


Bottom Line: TVC Advisory Board members Keith Krach and David Stilwell join forces to highlight the growing threat from China’s weaponized economic competition. In this important piece, they explain why free trade falls apart when states don’t play by the rules.

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The Moment of Truth over Taiwan is Getting Closer

Gideon Rachman

Financial Times

October 11, 2021


Bottom Line: Rachman argues that the question of whether the United States will defend Taiwan is becoming increasingly urgent, providing a detailed analysis of the likely calculations on the issue by both the United States and China.

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