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Senator Vandenberg called for “honest candor” in discussions on U.S. foreign policy. The Vandenberg Coalition is proud to continue this tradition by sharing the best analysis from across the country and around the world.


How the Next Republican President Can Restore U.S. Leadership on Climate Change

Nate Sibley


November 18, 2021


Bottom Line: TVC Advisory Board member Nate Sibley argues that as climate emerges as an important issue for young conservatives, the GOP can chart a middle course between the climate alarmism of the left and climate denialism of the old right by embracing market-oriented solutions and a tough line against the world’s worst polluters.

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Vaccine Mandate is Last Straw for U.S. Shipyards Already Facing Labor Shortages

Mackenzie Eaglen

Defense News

November 19, 2021


Bottom Line: TVC Advisory Board member Mackenzie Eaglen illuminates how the Biden administration’s employer vaccine mandate damages the shipbuilding industrial base. Even limited refusal to comply within the highly-specialized shipyard workforce threatens to undermine the industry’s ability to meet the Navy’s construction and repair needs.

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The Ramifications of Russia’s Reckless Anti-Satellite Test

Malcom Davis

Real Clear Defense

November 22, 2021


Bottom Line: Russia’s recent live-fire test of an anti-satellite weapon created a cloud of orbiting debris which threatens the International Space Station, the Chinese Tiangong space station, and every country’s ability to safely navigate in orbit.

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What are the Chinese After? Everything.

Danielle Pletka

The Dispatch

November 19, 2021


Bottom Line: TVC Advisory Board member Danielle Pletka argues that Beijing has been making a calculated longterm play to dominate the commanding heights of the next generation economy — from AI to advanced surveillance systems to aerospace technology. Now that Western leaders are waking up to this fact, they must respond.

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