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Honest Candor

Senator Vandenberg called for “honest candor” in discussions on U.S. foreign policy. The Vandenberg Coalition is proud to continue this tradition by sharing the best analysis from across the country and around the world.


Responsible Statecraft Gets Its Moment

Washington Free Beacon Editorial

August 17, 2021


Bottom Line: The Free Beacon editors argue that the toxic mix of isolationism and anti-Americanism at the Quincy Institute bears responsibility for the debacle in Afghanistan.

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Biden Could Have Stopped the Taliban. He Chose Not To.

Frederick W. Kagan

The New York Times

August 12, 2021


Bottom Line: TVC Advisory Board member Frederick Kagan argues that the disastrous Taliban takeover in Afghanistan was not inevitable, detailing where the Biden administration went wrong in executing the withdrawal of American forces.

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In Afghanistan, the Tragic Toll of Washington Delusion

H.R. McMaster and Bradley Bowman

The Wall Street Journal

August 15, 2021


Bottom Line: TVC Advisory Board member H.R. McMaster and Bradley Bowman explain how the current situation in Afghanistan will exacerbate terrorist threats to the  homeland, arguing that policymakers must stop wishful thinking on Afghanistan.

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Worse Than Saigon

Ben Sasse

National Review

August 16, 2021


Bottom Line: Senator Ben Sasse outlines the failures of U.S. policy toward Afghanistan, arguing that the retreat is the worst foreign-policy disaster in a generation.

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