The Vandenberg Coalition

We are a non-partisan network of foreign policy scholars and practitioners who believe in the power of American leadership to protect American national security.

Who We Are

The Vandenberg Coalition is a non-partisan network of foreign policy leaders, both experts and practitioners, advancing the position that the national security, prosperity, and freedom of the United States require a strong and proud foreign policy.

The Coalition aims to ensure that elected officials, candidates for government office, and the press have a common, credible and fact-based source of information on defense and foreign policy and access to a network of future leaders and practitioners committed to American leadership in the world.

There are critical moments in the life of every nation which call for the straightest, the plainest and the most courageous thinking of which we are capable. We confront such a moment now.

The Latest News and Events

Statement from Conservative Leaders in Support of Ukraine Aid

Conservative Leaders Call for Additional Military Aid to Ukraine
October 4, 2023 —The Vandenberg Coalition, a network of conservative national security professionals that promotes a strong and proud American foreign policy, released a public letter signed by over 100 leading conservatives urging Congressional Republicans to increase support for Ukraine. 

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Conservative Foreign Policy Series: Senator Joni Ernst

Foreign Policy is continuing to drastically impact the everyday lives of American citizens. From Chinese purchases of American land, to balloons surveilling our country, to the deadly fentanyl epidemic, the connection between what is happening abroad and what is happening here at home is clearer than ever. And yet, the last few years have seen America’s dramatic retreat from the world stage and put America’s credibility at stake. Join Senator Joni Ernst and Vandenberg’s Executive Director, Carrie Filipetti for a discussion on these issues, and the Senator’s vision of a stronger, prouder American foreign policy.

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Our Team

The Vandenberg Coalition’s team represents former government officials who have worked across multiple presidential administrations and have seen firsthand the critical role American leadership plays in preserving American security.