About Us




“I am hunting for the middle ground between these extremists at one end of the line who would cheerfully give America away and those extremists at the other end of the line who would attempt a total isolation which has come to be an impossibility.”

Senator Arthur Vandenberg

The Vandenberg Coalition is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that promotes a strong and proud American foreign policy responsive to the interests of Americans all across our country. Guided by our six core principles, we engage, convene, coordinate, and advise among foreign policy leaders, elected officials, the American people, the press, and Vandenberg Coalition members to advance the security, freedom, and prosperity of the United States.

We still propose to help create the postwar world on a basis which shall stop aggressors for keeps and, so far as humanly possible, substitute justice for force among freemen. We propose to do it primarily for our own sake

-Senator Arthur Vandenberg-


Action Oriented Analysis

We promote coherent, principled policies in support of a strong America. Vandenberg works with our experts to develop concise, coherent, and actionable next step recommendations to ensure U.S. policy protects and advances the security, economic interests, and freedom of the American people. At the same time, Vandenberg recognizes that free debate over policy is critical to finding the best solutions. We promote a free and active exchange of diverse points of view.

Developing Future Leaders

We create and serve an active network of foreign policy experts who believe in U.S. leadership to provide a base from which future candidates and government officials can draw. There are strong emerging leaders who understand the critical role of U.S. leadership in the world. We will work with partners to help identify such individuals, give them a platform to join the discussion of foreign policy, and connect them to a network of officials, former officials, and scholars to help develop their career opportunities.

Leadership for the American People

The foreign policy of the United States should be responsive to the interests and principles of Americans not just in Washington, but all across our country. Using our network, which includes an array of viewpoints and service under multiple administrations, we seek to deepen the critical dialogue between the American people and the leaders who forge policy in our government.


The Vandenberg Coalition is a non-partisan network of foreign policy leaders, both experts and practitioners, advancing the position that the national security, prosperity, and freedom of the United States require a strong and proud foreign policy.

The Coalition ensures that members of Congress, candidates for government office, the American people, and the press have a common, credible and fact-based source of information on defense and foreign policy, clear resources to answer their questions on upcoming priorities, and a network of future leaders committed to American leadership in the world.