Lost Decade with Richard Fontaine & Robert Blackwill

Vandenberg is joined by authors Richard Fontaine and Robert Blackwill to discuss their new book, Lost Decade: The US Pivot to Asia and the Rise of Chinese Power moderated by Vandenberg Chief of Staff Sydney Novak. U.S. policymakers often discuss a need to “pivot to Asia,” but what does that mean exactly? Lost Decade authors Richard Fontaine and Amb. Robert Blackwill tell the story of Washington’s strategic reorientation towards the Indo-Pacific and simultaneous rise of China’s power and assertiveness. What were the impulses behind the pivot? What challenges has this posed for America’s role in the world? How has this strategy faltered over the last three presidential administrations? The authors will discuss these questions and more while they stress that the United States has little margin for error when it comes to preserving American security and prosperity.