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Now Hiring—Vandenberg Coalition Office Manager

Office Manager The Office Manager of The Vandenberg Coalition (TVC) will be responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of the Vandenberg team. Reporting directly to the Executive Director, this individual will simultaneously manage schedules, assist in planning events, help delegate tasks, and provide for other day-to-day needs of a small but growing team. The successful candidate will have experience with managing schedules, involvement in coordinating events, and an ability to predict and address needs of an organization as they arise. Particular experience with new organizations and/or policy organizations is preferred but not required. This position is based at Vandenberg’s D.C.

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Vandenberg Open Letter to Amnesty International

Letter to the Amnesty International Board of Directors 17 February 2022 To: Amnesty International Board of Directors & Amnesty USA Board of Directors Dear Board Members, As a group of former U.S. government officials, national security experts, and supporters of human rights, who have respected Amnesty International’s past work regarding other countries, we are incensed by Amnesty’s sloppy and unserious February 1st report condemning Israel. This report is untruthful, deceptive, and antisemitic. In “denying the Jewish People their right to self-determination,” and “applying double standards” to Israel, the report meets the definition of antisemitism as adopted by the International Holocaust

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