The Day After: A Plan for Gaza

A joint project of JINSA and The Vandenberg Coalition, this Gaza Futures Task Force convened a group of former U.S. national security officials who served in both Republican and Democratic administrations to assess the impact of the October 7 terrorist attack and strategies for establishing a post-Hamas future for Gaza that advances the interests of the United States, Israel, other key partners, the Palestinian people, and the cause of long-term stability and peace in the Middle East. 

In Addition to the full report, the Task Force also produced a short proposal describing its plan to establish an International Trust for Gaza Relief and Reconstruction that it has been briefing to senior Middle East and U.S. officials since early January 2024.   

Click here for the action plan. Click here for the webinar recap.

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John Hannah 
JINSA Randi & Charles Wax Senior Fellow; Former Assistant for National Security Affairs to the Vice President; Member, Vandenberg Advisory Board

Elliott Abrams
Chairman, The Vandenberg Coalition; Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

Rob Danin
Principal, Georgetown Global Strategies; Middle East Counselor, Dragoman

Ambassador Eric Edelman
JINSA Distinguished Scholar; Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy; Member, Vandenberg Advisory Board

Gary Ginsberg
Partner, 25Madison; Former Senior Executive at News Corporation, Time Warner, and SoftBank

Emily Harding
Director, Intelligence, National Security, and Technology Program, Center for Strategic & International Studies; Member, Vandenberg Advisory Board

Lewis Libby
Former White House, Pentagon, and State Department National Security Official; Member, Vandenberg Advisory Board

Steven Price
CEO, 25 Madison; Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense