The Road Ahead: China's Growing Footprint in South Asia

In this installment of “Countering Chinese Communist Party Influence Around the World,” leading experts cover China’s expanding role in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Vandenberg Coalition Executive Director Carrie Filipetti speaks with Lisa CurtisSenior Fellow and Director of the Indo-Pacific Security Program at the Center for a New America Security and Nargis Nehan, who formerly served as Afghanistan’s Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum.
In this series, the Vandenberg Coalition shifts the focus beyond the Indo-Pacific and into various regions around the world where the Chinese Communist Party continues to threaten American interests. Each episode in the series discusses China’s growing influence in a given region, how it measures against American influence, how to define our relationship with the region in light of competing priorities, and what America can and should be doing to better protect and advance our national interests.

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