Statement from Conservative Leaders in Support of Ukraine Aid

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Conservative Leaders Call for Additional Military Aid to Ukraine

October 4, 2023 —The Vandenberg Coalition, a network of conservative national security professionals that promotes a strong and proud American foreign policy, released a public letter signed by over 100 leading conservatives urging Congressional Republicans to increase support for Ukraine.  

As Executive Director Carrie Filipetti, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Trump administration, said, the letter was necessary because “the false narrative that conservatives do not want to provide aid to Ukraine is a dangerous misrepresentation that could lead to Putin’s belief that in the case of a conservative win in 2024, he will receive a green light for continued assault.”  

Signed by key Trump administration officials such as the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia and Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie, former Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger, former Senators Roy Blunt and Jon Kyl, former Congressman and Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Mac Thornberry, multiple former Assistant Secretaries, National Security Council officials, U.S. generals, and ambassadors, the letter explains how “without a single U.S. servicemember in harm’s way, America’s material support to Ukraine is degrading the war machine of Russia, one of the United States’ principal adversaries – an aggressive power working hand in hand with China to reduce America’s prosperity and overturn America’s victory in the Cold War.” 

The letter notes that the legitimate frustrations with the Biden administration’s indecisive and timid Ukraine policy should not lead conservatives to abandon Ukraine. While the current administration’s “half measures have cost lives and time,” the letter argues that American support must be faster and more efficient. As former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently said, “a Russian victory would give comfort and confidence to those who hate America.” American aid leverages our European counterparts to increase their support and shoulder the burden alongside the U.S. With Beijing on the march towards reclaiming Taiwan, U.S. transfers of outdated defense articles enables America to modernize its weapons stockpiles.  

 As Filipetti explains, “supporting Ukraine does not mean supporting Biden’s policy of sending too little, too late. It means we as conservatives recognize that a Ukrainian victory will cripple Russia’s ability to threaten military action against our NATO allies, making it less likely we get drawn into conflicts abroad. It means we recognize that our aid has encouraged other nations to increase their defense spending and finally begin to accept their share of the burden. As conservatives, our number one goal is to keep Americans safe. Ukrainian grit and American gear are doing just that.”