Vandenberg Afghanistan Report

The Vandenberg Coalition Afghanistan Working Group convened a diverse group of national security professionals to develop policy recommendations for the Biden administration and Congress in the wake of the 2021 Afghanistan crisis. Members of the working group included former government officials, military veterans, and academics with substantive expertise in a range of areas including Afghanistan, China, Iran, India, Pakistan, Russia, counterterrorism, sanctions, humanitarian aid, and human rights. The group met from September 2021 to February 2022 to discuss the major consequences of the crisis for U.S. national security and to develop forwardlooking proposals. In addition to offering several policy recommendations, the group’s work highlights points of failure in the 2021 U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan with the intention of ensuring that the deadly mistakes of this crisis never again occur.

Working Group Members
Amb. Kelley E. Currie, Richard Goldberg, Christopher Harnisch, Frederick W. Kagan, Kimberly Kagan, Paul Kapur, Col. Richard Outzen (U.S. Army, ret.), Joseph Riley, Amb. Nathan Sales, Vance Serchuk

Reviewer: Matthew Pottinger

Vandenberg Coalition Staff: Amanda J. Rothschild and Samuel F. Byers