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Press Release: Event on China Domestic Threat to the U.S.

The Vandenberg Coalition

Press Release

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 —The Vandenberg Coalition is hosting a virtual briefing for staff of Republican governors and Members of Congress on the rising threat of the Chinese Communist Party within the United States.

The briefing will feature key experts from the Vandenberg Coalition network including the co-founder of the American Academy for Strategic Education Jacqueline Deal, former Senior Director for Resilience Policy on the National Security Council Brian Cavanaugh, and former General Counsel of the National Security Agency Michael Ellis.

Each of the briefers will use their extensive government experience to help attendees understand the extent to which the CCP has expanded its malign efforts within America’s borders. They will offer concrete solutions both at the federal and state-level to combat these actions, including methods to address the Fentanyl epidemic, cyber attacks, and supply chain disruptions.

For more information about the Vandenberg Coalition, or on-the-record quotes from the event, please contact:

Click here to register for the event, which will be at 2:00 PM EST on Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

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