Ep. 13 | Poison Ivy

On this episode, we are joined by Carine Hajjar—an opinion and editorial writer at The Boston Globe—to discuss her recent coverage of American college campuses embroiled in anti-Israeli protests and encampments. A recent graduate of Harvard, Carine returned to her alma mater, along with the campuses of NYU, Columbia, and MIT, to gain an understanding of the chaos as it unfolds. She joins us to discuss the wave of anti-Israeli and anti-American sentiment and assess the degradation of higher education more generally. 

Jump to:

00:02:00 Contrasting campus environments at Harvard, MIT, & Columbia

00:05:30 Oppressor vs. oppressed ideological framework of the protestors 

00:08:29 Implications of faculty support for the anti-Israel cause 

00:11:02 Fixation on social justice in higher education

00:14:05 Broader implications of encampments at Ivies

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