Ep. 5 | Crisis in the Caribbean: Kenya’s Security Mission in Haiti

We are joined by Vandenberg’s Ana Quintana & former U.S. Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region of Africa, Amb. J. Peter Pham, to discuss the collapse of governance in Haiti and why Kenya has taken the lead of the UN-sanctioned multinational security force being sent to the island country.

00:01:25 Situation in Haiti and why the UN approved an outside intervention

00:05:08 Why is Kenya the lead country of the multinational security force? Kenya’s history with peacekeeping missions

00:10:45 Haiti’s collapse, the migration crisis, and what this operation means for the Caribbean

00:15:30 The China angle & geopolitical implications

00:19:19 Why does this matter for the United States? What should U.S. policymakers be paying attention to?

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