Scott Greytak
Law, Anticorruption

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Scott Greytak is an anticorruption attorney and the Director of Advocacy for Transparency International U.S., the U.S. presence of the oldest and largest anticorruption organization in the world. He works to fortify democracy in the U.S. and around the world by designing anticorruption laws and policies, organizing ideologically inclusive coalitions, and lobbying the U.S. Congress and Administration.

In 2021, Transparency International helped craft and pass the most significant anticorruption and anti-money laundering legislation in a generation, the Corporate Transparency Act. As a result, Mr. Greytak was named a Top 100 Lobbyist of 2021 by the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics. Previously, he helped lead legislative, legal, and ballot-measure initiatives on foreign influence, campaign finance, ethics, and fair representation for several U.S. anticorruption organizations.

Mr. Greytak received his undergraduate and law degrees from Ohio State University.