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Beyond the Water’s Edge September 20, 2023

Why Aren’t the Presidential Candidates Debating China? | To Win the ‘New Cold War’ Forget the ‘First Cold War’ | The War in Ukraine Unfolds Alongside a Military Build-Up in the Asia-Pacific | Alliance of the Weak: Why Russia and North Korea are Joining Forces | Cuba’s Role in the Chinese-Russian Terrorist Network | Hungary Is Not Out to Scuttle Sweden and NATO | A Dangerous Strategy: Examining the Biden Administration’s Failures on Iran

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Border Security

Beyond the Water’s Edge September 13, 2023

Rethinking Geopolitics: Geography as an Aid to Statecraft | The U.S. Must Help Curb Cartel Violence in Mexico | Why the U.S.-Mexico Relationship Could Get Even Worse | Iranian Drone Proliferation is Scaling Up and Turning More Lethal | A Renewed Axis: Growing Military Cooperation Between North Korea and Russia

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