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Beyond the Water’s Edge November 30, 2022

Within Our Borders: The CCP’s Silent Domestic Invasion | China is No. 1 Domestic National Security Threat and Biden Administration Won’t Admit It | How China is Trying to Turn the U.S. Against Itself | China’s Ally in Stealing Western IP: the United States | Espionage with Chinese Characteristics | U.S. Bans Gear from China’s Huawei and ZTE Over Security Risk | Incoming House Committee Chairs Accuse TikTok of Lying to Congress | The Drug That’s Killing Young Americans

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Beyond the Water’s Edge November 16, 2022

The Fight for the Future of Republican Foreign Policy | The Return of American Exceptionalism | White House Won’t Say How It Spent $1 Billion in Taliban Controlled Afghanistan | The U.S. Military is in Decline While China Grows More Powerful | South Korea to Sell Arms to U.S. for Ukrainian Forces Fighting Russia

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