Ep. 6 | All Roads Lead to Iran: The Israel-Hamas War in Regional Context

Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis—across the Middle East, chaos and violence can be traced back to the Islamic Republic of Iran through its terrorist proxy groups. Vandenberg Coalition founder & chairman Elliott Abrams joins us to discuss the state of the Israel-Hamas War and how it relates to the broader Middle East.

00:01:00 Update on the situation in Israel & Gaza

00:02:35 The ground war and what to expect going forward

00:03:40 Israel determined to eliminate Hamas and wary of the threat from Hezbollah in the north

00:05:43 How is this war affecting Israel’s relationships with its neighbors & the Middle East?

00:07:23 Houthi attacks on Red Sea Houthis and the connection to Iran

00:08:17 The Obama-Biden Iran playbook and its consequences

00:09:45 The importance of making Iran pay a price for funding terrorism

00:11:10 The value of returning to a ‘maximum pressure’ policy towards Iran

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