Ep. 7 | Breaking the Red Sea Blockade: U.S. & U.K. Strike Houthis in Yemen

For weeks, Iran-backed Houthi terrorists have attacked civilian shipping as well as U.S. & allied warships in an attempt to blockade the southern approach to the Suez Canal through the Red Sea. Last night (Jan. 11) after weeks of defensive convoy operations by a multinational naval coalition, the U.S. and U.K. launched missile and airstrikes to take out Houthi missile and drone launching sites ashore.

Captain John Konrad joins us to discuss the ramifications for global shipping of the Houthi attacks on commercial shipping and the U.S.-led response through Operation Prosperity Guardian.

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00:00:59 The Houthi blockade and the situation in the Red Sea

00:05:45 Global ramifications of blockading the Red Sea & Suez Canal route

00:11:22 Operation Prosperity Guardian & U.S.-led coalition efforts to protect shipping

00:18:20 Recent U.S./U.K. airstrikes against Houthi missile launching sites ashore

00:20:53 What should policymakers expect in the future when it comes to threats to free navigation & commerce?

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