Ep. 18 | Turning Point? Mexico’s Elections and the U.S.-Mexico Relationship

Connor Pfeiffer, Director of Congressional Relations at FDD Action and senior advisor and former executive director of the Forum for American Leadership joins Flash Focus to discuss Mexico’s elections this past weekend, the significance of Claudia Sheinbaum’s presidential election victory for politics in Mexico, the future of U.S.-Mexican cooperation on matters like the migration crisis, countering illicit fentanyl, bilateral trade, and Mexico’s growing economic ties with China. 

Jump to:

00:02:17 Claudia Sheinbaum’s landslide victory and AMLO’s influence

00:04:33 Potential for U.S.-Mexico partnership under Sheinbaum

00:08:18 Unprecedented violence during this electoral cycle

00:12:06 Chinese influence in Mexico

00:15:26 China’s role in the fentanyl and migration crises

00:20:16 USMCA negotiations under Trump vs. Biden

00:24:05 Future areas of U.S.-Mexico cooperation

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