Special Episode: 80 Years Later: Lessons from D-Day for Today’s World

Garrett Exner, an adjunct fellow at Hudson Institute, executive director of the Public Interest Fellowship, board member of Veterans on Duty, and Marine Corps veteran joins Vandenberg Coalition Executive Director Carrie Filipetti to discuss the significance of the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the largest amphibious invasion in history in which Allied troops landed in Normandy to liberate Europe. In this special episode, Garrett discusses his time in the military, the inspiration for his enlistment, the enduring legacy and significance of D-Day, and the state of the U.S. military today.

Jump to:

00:01:58 Historical significance of D-Day

00:03:57 Heroic action of U.S. soldiers on D-Day

00:012:05 The making of heroes in American history

00:15:44 Garrett’s reflections as an officer in the U.S. military

00:17:41 The Public Interest Fellowship’s WWII trip

00:20:46 Beaches of Normandy today

00:23:38 The personal significance of D-Day for Garrett

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