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Honest Candor

Senator Vandenberg called for “honest candor” in discussions on U.S. foreign policy. The Vandenberg Coalition is proud to continue this tradition by sharing the best analysis from across the country and around the world.

China and Defense

China is No. 1 Domestic National Security Threat and the Biden Administration Won’t Admit It

Michael Ellis | Fox News | July 29, 2022 Bottom Line: From industrial espionage to influence operations targeting state and local politicians, the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party is as much a problem of domestic security as it is foreign policy. Nevertheless, the Biden administration has seen fit to cancel programs designed to thwart CCP activities inside the country.

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Chinese Leaders Know They Have No Claim to Taiwan

Michael Rubin | National Interest | July 29, 2022 Bottom Line: Despite belligerent rhetoric from Beijing this week in response to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, the PRC’s claim to the island is baseless. PRC leaders as far back as Mao recognized Taiwan as politically distinct from the mainland.

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China and Economics

How China’s Solar Domination Challenges the World

TVC Advisory Board Members Keith Krach & Kelley E. Currie | Triple Pundit | July 26, 2022 Bottom Line: While Western governments and companies continue to double down on solar and other renewable energy sources, the inconvenient truth remains that China has cornered the market on solar technology, much of which is manufactured using Uyghur slave labor in coal-powered factories in the Xinjiang region.

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American Politics

America’s Schools Are Creating a National Security Crisis

Garrett Exner | Washington Examiner | July 22, 2022 Bottom Line: As a new cohort of youth reach the prime age to enter the military, the Pentagon is facing a recruiting crisis. Schools have created a generation of Americans who fear the intellectual, physical, and emotional adversity required by military service.

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Defense Budget

The Pentagon Gets the Better Part of a Trillion Dollars a Year. Why Isn’t That Enough?

TVC Advisory Board Member Mackenzie Eaglen | Defense News | July 26, 2022 Bottom Line: The vast majority of Pentagon spending is on autopilot, with only 10 to 15 percent shifting to address changing strategic priorities year over year. Many of America’s defense woes can be attributed to the tangle of bureaucratic barnacles that have built up on the Pentagon budgeting process over the decades.

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