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Honest Candor

Senator Vandenberg called for “honest candor” in discussions on U.S. foreign policy. The Vandenberg Coalition is proud to continue this tradition by sharing the best analysis from across the country and around the world.

Press Release: The Vandenberg Coalition’s National Security Media Fellowship

The Vandenberg Coalition Press Release As part of our mission to promote a strong and proud U.S. foreign policy and to develop future leaders, we launched our inaugural National Security Media Fellowship from Tuesday, February 28 to Thursday, March 2, 2023.  The purpose of the fellowship is to identify emerging leaders in American journalism and provide strong policy ideas and resources for them over the course of their careers.  Both national security leaders and the press share a commitment to advancing American values. It is critical that we remove any obstacles in the way of strong relationships between both groups, given

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Future of Conservative Foreign Policy

Future of Conservative Foreign Policy with Senator Tom Cotton

The Vandenberg Coalition kicked off Season Two of its Future of Conservative Foreign Policy Series with a conversation with U.S. Senator Tom Cotton to discuss his vision for American foreign policy & national security, what he expects from the incoming 118th Congress, his new book ‘Only the Strong’, and more.

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Beyond the Water’s Edge Special Edition: Biden’s NSS | October 19, 2022

What Grade Does Biden’s National Security Strategy Get? | Biden’s Rather Rhetorical National Strategy | Why Biden’s National Security Strategy is Destined to Fail | Biden’s New National Security Strategy: A Lot of Trump, Very Little Obama | In U.S. Security Strategy, China ‘Only Competitor’, India Key Partner | Towards a Biden Doctrine: U.S. National Interest or Global Commitment

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