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Upcoming Book Talk: The Decisive Decade

Join us for a conversation with author and scholar Jonathan D.T. Ward about his new book,
The Decisive Decade: American Grand Strategy for Triumph Over China
Thursday, May 4th at 3:00 PM

With a focus on the economic battlefront and in-depth analysis of the diplomatic, military, and ideological
arenas, one of the foremost experts on US-China competition offers a rousing, strategic call to action and playbook—harvesting all of our nation’s ingenuity, confidence, and will power—to outcompete the longterm strategies of China’s Communist Party.

In The Decisive Decade, Dr. Jonathan D.T. Ward—China scholar and founder of the Atlas Organization, a consultancy focused on US-China global competition—offers a comprehensive framework for how the United States can, and must, prevail in an urgent strategic contest with the Chinese Communist Party. International security, human rights, and the future of American power are all at stake—and now is the time for the US to act. Ward provides novel and practical strategies that our government, as well as our businesses and our citizens, can utilize to rebuild our advantages and win the most important contest of our lifetimes.

About the Author:

Jonathan Ward has been studying Russia, China, and India for nearly twenty years since his undergraduate days in Russian and Chinese language at Columbia University. Dr. Ward is the author of China’s Vision of Victory, a guide to the global grand strategy of the Chinese government which has been widely read in US government and national security circles, as well as by audiences in business and finance. He earned his PhD at the University of Oxford where he specialized in China-India relations, after initially being admitted to Oxford for a doctorate in Russia-China relations during the Cold War.

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